Served with a glass of juice. 

Add Fruit Topping for $1.49 or Whipped Cream for 99¢
Substitute Egg Whites for $1.29 

Pancake Combo     $8.99

Two Pancakes, Two Bacon Strips, Two Sausage Links,
with Two Eggs

French  Toast Combo     $7.99
Four Half Slices of French Toast, Potatoes and Two Eggs

Ham & Eggs Combo     $8.99
Griddled Ham with Two Eggs and Two Pancakes 

French Toast & Meat Combo    $8.99
Four Half Slices of French Toast, Two Bacon Strips, Two Sausage Links with Two Eggs


Bill’s De-Lite    $8.99
A delicious scramble of egg whites, fresh mushrooms and spinach served with a toasted English muffin, your choice of tomato slices or fresh fruit, and a small glass of chilled juice 

The Health Club    $7.79
Two poached eggs presented on toasted English muffin halves with cottage cheese and two peach halves alongside

Wheat French Toast    $6.99
Three slices of wheat bread hand- dipped in egg batter 

Multi-Grain Pancakes    $7.99

Buck-Wheat Pancakes    $7.99

Hot Oatmeal with Milk    $3.29
     with Fruit    $4.49
     Choice of banana, raisins or fresh strawberries

Side of Fresh Fruit    $4.99
The season’s finest fresh fruit